No More Dirty Carpets! Learn the Hacks of Carpet Maintenance

No More Dirty Carpets! Learn the Hacks of Carpet Maintenance

If you have carpet floors in your home or business, you probably know the struggle of keeping them clean. Spills, drips, stains, and more have probably plagued your floors from time to time. Having carpet in your home can give the place a cozy and warm feeling. But, having dirty carpet in your business can be an eyesore. Not to worry, though. There are some great carpet maintenance tips that will have you armed and ready to attack the next carpet stain that tries to ruin your floors!

Carpet Maintenance Tip #1: Use the Vacuum

It may seem obvious, but vacuuming your carpet floors on a regular basis can help keep your floors free of dirt and dust that settles in the carpet. Allowing those foreign objects to settle can cause buildup that might be really hard to remove. So, whip that vacuum out of the closet about once or twice a week can help keep those floors free of dirt.

Tip #2: Quickly Remove Stains and Spills

So, your two-year-old just spilled his juice. Or, maybe spaghetti night just got a little messy. Do something, and do it FAST! Don’t let stains remain on the carpet floor. A very important part of carpet maintenance is moving quickly. Now, a major mistake is the “scooping method”. People tend to try to scoop up solids that have created a stain, like that delicious spaghetti sauce. But, the best thing to do is scrape the solid into a towel. Scooping it can cause the stain to go deeper into the carpet. After the solid part is removed, you can treat the actual stain.

Sometimes, the stain can be removed with water and a towel. Use the towel to blot the stain. However, it’s important to try not to rub the stain! This can also make matters worse by pushing liquid or debris further into the carpet, making it more difficult to remove. Another good method is a solution that can be made with regular household items. You can mix vinegar and water together to create a stain removing solution. If that doesn’t work, maybe try a commercial cleaning product. Just remember to work diligently and patiently, keeping the stain from spreading.

Did you know that spills can be removed with some vacuums? If that juice from your two-year-old is still on the carpet, grab the vacuum and get to work. It will suck up the liquid and reveal the stain. Then, treat the stain using one of the methods we just listed.

Tip #3: Bare Feet Only; No Shoes Allowed

You read that correctly. No shoes are allowed on the carpet! Have you ever been to one of those houses where the owners ask you to remove your shoes as soon as you walk in the door? Yeah, you’re about to be like those homeowners. A lot of the dirt and other objects that make your carpet dirty get into your home on the bottoms of shoes. Taking off your shoes at the front door can help eliminate some of those problems. Carpet maintenance is sometimes a matter of prevention rather than fixing. So, if you’re serious about keeping carpets clean, try this out first. See how much cleaner your home is after the first week in comparison to a no-shoe policy. You may just try to persuade all of your homeowner friends to do the same!

Is Your Carpet Too Far Gone?

It’s inevitable that carpet will one day need replacing. Don’t let that scare you! Removing your old or dirty carpet can open the door to new possibilities. Whatever you choose as a replacement solution, Dust Busters Floor Removal is here to help! We are well aware of what it means to have a great looking floor in your home or business. So, we work to make sure that all of your old floor is removed and flooring is prepared for your new install in only a few short hours. We work quickly and professionally so you can get some new floors ASAP. If you’re ready to take the next step in getting clean, new floors, call Dust Busters Floor Removal today at 866-883-8783!