Removing Stone Floor Tiles in South Florida | Dustbusters Floor Removal

Whether outdoors or indoors, stone floor tiles are a great choice to provide beautiful and natural looking flooring. Stone flooring has been used since the beginning of mankind. And, has been a staple in flooring trends ever since. One of the benefits of choosing stone flooring is its durability. So, when people want it removed, they expect it to be a huge, time-consuming project. However, it doesn’t have to be with the use of professional floor removal services like those provided by Dustbusters Floor Removal.

Choosing to get rid of Your Stone Floor Tiles

While stone flooring is durable, it can crack and chip with long-term wear. And, especially if installed outside, it can quickly become dirty. Once dirty, stone floor tiles look worn out and no longer provide the appearance you want. Or, you may just want to switch up the look of your home or business by replacing your stone floor tiles with something more modern. Whatever the case, if you’re looking to get rid of stone flooring, you do have options for help!

Types of Stone Tile Removal Offered by Dustbusters

Removing Stone Floor Tiles in South Florida | Dustbusters Floor Removal

There are a number of types of stone floor tiles used in both home and commercial flooring.

And, here at Dustbusters Floor Removal, we can help to remove all types including:

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Slate

Our innovative and dust-free floor removal technology allows our professionals to safely and effectively remove almost all types of flooring with ease. This means that you can have your stone flooring removed in a day. Opposed to manually breaking, ripping up, and hauling away stone flooring, let us quickly remove your flooring. Save the energy, the time, and the risk for potential dangers and mistakes. Invest in a floor removal that will get you to the next step in the renovation process–floor installation!

Our Floor Removal Process at Dustbusters Floor Removal

We don’t just scrape up your floors and leave! In our initial estimate, a number of services are included besides just floor removal. First and foremost, our consultant will provide you with a quote for the services and address any questions or concerns you may have. Then, upon your request for time and date, we will promptly arrive at your home or business for the floor removal process.

Prep: As soon as we arrive, we will begin prepping your home or business to reduce the risk of any damage. We don’t want any stone chipping off to end up damaging something that’s precious to you.

Removal: Once prepped, we can begin using our innovative technology to break up your stone floor tiles. And, suck up any dust released into the air in the process. This helps to eliminate any health hazards which would traditionally be an issue in stone floor removal. And, helps to make clean up a breeze.

Mortar Removal: Once the stone tiles are removed, the mortar which was used to attach the stone to the subflooring must then be removed too. This way, you have a solid, even surface to install new flooring onto. So, we work quickly to use grinders and our dust-free system to rid subflooring of mortar.

Trash Service: If you choose to go about hiring a flooring contractor to remove stone flooring or you want to remove it yourself, you’ll have to invest in renting a dumpster. Usually, the city won’t ever attempt to pick up demolished flooring from the street. So, home and business owners must rent their own disposal units. However, choosing Dustbusters Floor Removal means choosing a service which includes trash removal within the estimate! You won’t have to worry about your leftover stone tile once removed at all!

Need stone flooring removed? Give us a call today at 866-883-8783 to have us come out for a free consultation and provide an estimate for our service!