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Sick of the old, outdated tile in your home or business? Renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or another area with ceramic tile? You may be ready to rip it all out and throw it away to reveal a fresh palette which can transform into your dream flooring. However, it’s important not to jump the gun and think about your options before diving head first into a do it yourself demolition project. There are a number of benefits to professionally removing ceramic tile, and most home and business owners don’t know about these benefits until it’s too late.

Removing Ceramic Tile: Professional vs. DIY

At first, you may wish to save costs anywhere you can when it comes to new construction or renovating. However, you may wish to look elsewhere when it comes to removing ceramic tile. That’s because most people that decide to remove ceramic tile come into a number of issues they could have prevented by going with a professional floor removal company. Some problems with DIY floor removal may include:

Scheduling: Most construction projects have a deadline. If you have people coming to install wood floors in two weeks, you have two weeks to get tile up, removed, and the underlying floors ready for install. Unfortunately, removing tile flooring by hand takes lots of time, especially if you have a large amount of it. Without professional equipment, each tile needs to be chiseled from the ground by use of a hammer, chisel, jackhammer, or other tools. And, doing this may take more time than you anticipate.

Professionally Removing Ceramic Tile in South Florida | Dustbusters Floor RemovalMess: When tiling is removed, particles of grout, dust, and ceramic are spread throughout the air to rest on household surfaces within a matter of days. Most people find themselves cleaning dust after ceramic tile removal even two weeks after the job is done. So, if you don’t have the time or energy to clean dust which is transported throughout your HVAC unit and rests upon every surface of your house, you don’t have time for do it yourself ceramic tile removal.

Safety: The dust which pollutes the air as a result of ceramic tile removal can be detrimental to health. And, as mentioned, this dust may not settle for weeks after a project’s end. So, if you’re planning on living in your home after removing tile, do you really want to put yourself, your family, and your pets at risk for developing health issues as a result?

Preparation: Subflooring must not be damaged throughout the tile demolition process. If it is, you may come into further costs for repair, setting back your timeline and draining your pockets. If you aren’t an expert at removing flooring, the chances of damaging subflooring is high.

Energy: Taking apart ceramic tile takes a lot of physical labor. And, once it’s up it still has to be taken to the dump, no matter if it’s 10 pounds of tile or 1000. For many, the thought of tackling such a physical job is overwhelming.

The Benefits of Choosing Professional Ceramic Tile Removers

Unlike do it yourself ceramic tile removal, professionally removing ceramic tile offers a number of benefits. Here at Dustbusters Floor Removal, our services provide advantages which DIY ceramic tile removal can’t like:

Speed: Our innovative technology makes the removal of thousands of square footage of tile flooring in the matter of a few hours. This means that projects stay on time and that homeowners can get their new flooring installed the same or very next day!

Dust-Free: The dustless floor removal system used by Dustbusters Floor Removal allows NO dust to be transported in the air. This means no finding dust settled on your counters, furniture, or otherwise after we leave. With no dust, there is no mess!

Professionally Removing Ceramic Tile in South Florida | Dustbusters Floor RemovalClean Up: Choosing our professional service for removing ceramic tile means choosing a service which includes clean up. Most residential neighborhoods do not allow for the pick up of trash from demolition projects on the street. Instead, homeowners must rent their own dumpsters to dispose of unwanted materials. Here at Dustbusters Floor Removal, all of our estimates include the price of dumpster services, and we dispose of any unwanted removed flooring so you don’t have to!

Safety: We use a dust-free system. So those who choose our services don’t have to leave their homes in fear of inhaling dangerous dust particles. It’s completely safe to breathe the air we leave behind after demolition. That’s because our system is designed to suck up the dust from the tile removal before it even has a chance to enter the air. Additionally, there is no risk of hurting yourself using tools and breaking up tile when someone does it for you! So, choose the safest way of removing tile floor and have us do it for you!

Preparation: When professionals remove your flooring, there is no need to fear that subflooring structure is impaired. When we are done removing your tile, your floor will be ready for immediate install. No repairs, cleaning, or further preparation required!

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By letting the experts take care of things, you can take advantage of the many benefits of using a professional service for removing ceramic tile provides! Give us a call today at 866-883-8783 to get a free, no obligation quote for our tile removal services!