Carpet and Tile Removal in South Florida | DustBusters Floor Removal

Quality Work and Top-Notch Customer Service

We provide flooring removal services for any industry, company, or home that requires our expertise. Within all of our service packages, included is a dust-free approach to carpet, stone wood, and tile removal. Once we have completed our services, your floors will be prepped and prepared for installation immediately.

Stone, Wood, Carpet, and Tile Removal Services

Have a type of flooring that is a hassle to remove? No problem! We pride ourselves in offering a number of different floor removal services so that all types of flooring can be accommodated for and removed to professional standards.

  • Ceramic, Clay, and Glass Tile Removal
  • Carpet Removal
  • Wood Flooring Removal
  • Bamboo Flooring Removal
  • Vinyl and VCT Flooring Removal
  • All Types of Stone Floor Removal
  • PVC Flooring Removal
  • Concrete Removal
  • Linoleum Removal
  • Glue Adhesive Removal
  • Mastic Resin Removal
  • Drybond Mortar Removal

Dust-Free Tile Removal Services

All of our floor removal services are done with innovative technology that allows a dust-free living or work environment. This means a dust free home or work space you will not have to move from while we perform our work! Additionally, flooring removal services that do not use this innovative technology leave dust behind that can harm you, your loved ones, and your pets. Invest in a floor removal company that has your health and best interests in mind by selecting DustBusters dust free floor removal!

Demolition Trash Removal

Often times, the price of floor removal services can add up from all the different costs. At DustBusters, we make sure that all of our services and prices are transparent to our customers before we begin any work. Included in the price of all of our floor removal services is demolition trash removal. This means that instead of having to invest in renting your own dumpster to dispose of all removed flooring, we provide it for you! Just sit back, relax, and let the experts get your floors where they need to be!


Stone Tile Removal

Whether outdoors or indoors, stone floor tiles are a great choice to provide beautiful and natural looking flooring. Stone flooring has been used since the beginning of mankind. And, has been a staple in flooring trends ever since. One...

Thinset Removal

Underneath most flooring is a concrete slab. And, if the type of flooring on a concrete subflooring is tile, thinset is used to hold the slab of concrete and tile together. Part of the tile removing process must be...

Ceramic Tile Removal

Sick of the old, outdated tile in your home or business? Renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or another area with ceramic tile? You may be ready to rip it all out and throw it away to reveal a fresh palette...

Commercial Flooring Removal

Have a large project consisting of industrial or commercial flooring removal? We service any industry that needs professional floor removal services! No matter how big or small the job, we can remove the flooring with our innovative dust-free equipment....

Home Flooring Removal

Wanting to get rid of damaged or dated home flooring? Removing tile floor yourself can take many days, much energy, and provide endless amounts of dust for you to clean for months to come. Investing in dust-free floor removal...