Commercial Flooring Removal in South Florida | DustBusters Floor Removal

Have a large project consisting of industrial or commercial flooring removal? We service any industry that needs professional floor removal services! No matter how big or small the job, we can remove the flooring with our innovative dust-free equipment. We have experience working with many different companies and contractors to get jobs completed efficiently and on schedule.

Commercial Flooring Removal Service in your Area

As the project oversight, you need to find a way to remove flooring so that the installers can come and provide you with the flooring your clients want. Instead of shoveling out the high costs of a professional installer to do the demolition, consider saving time and money by subcontracting the floor removal process with DustBusters! Our state of the art equipment allows us to get jobs completed faster than the traditional methods of floor removal services so that your project stays on track to meet the construction timeline.

A Clean and Dust Free Floor Removal Method

Have you ever hired a company or installer to remove your flooring and have had to hire additional cleaning crews to come behind them afterward to clear the dust? Keeping the construction site clean from dust is near impossible without the utilization of dust-free flooring removal technology. Our equipment works to suck up dust before it even falls to the ground, making the process faster and less of a health hazard to your employees.

On Your Timeline

We understand that your entire project has a timeline so we make it our mission to be considerate of scheduling needs. We come when you need us so that your project can stay on time. Additionally, once we are done, your floor will be completely ready for floor install. This means that you can schedule your floor installation right when our job is complete and no time is wasted!