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How to Choose the Best Floor Removal Company for Your Job

If you need flooring removed, whether in a residence or commercial building, you want to know you’ve hired the right company. But, how do you know that you’ve chosen the best floor removal company for the job at hand? There are a few things you can consider before choosing the floor removal company that best suits all of your needs.

A Floor Removal Company with Experience

Undoubtedly, the investment you’re planning to make into the flooring of your home or industrial building should be handled with care. By choosing a floor removal company with the right experience, you’re placing that investment into hands you can trust. Here at Dustbusters, our founders, Todd Poindexter and Ed McKenna, have over 35 years of industry experience. With histories in licensed contracting and renovations, together the two have come up with a system and experience which meets the needs of flooring projects of all kinds.

Floor Removal Services Recognized throughout the Community

You want to be sure that the company you choose to remove flooring is well recognized throughout the community. This way, you’ll be sure that previous jobs have been conducted in a professional manner. Some great ways to tell if a company is well-liked and known around the community is to find customer reviews and photos of previous jobs online. To view some photos of some previous Dustbuster jobs, feel free to visit our photo gallery. And, read up on what some of our customers have said about us including:

“Ed is very professional and works with any issues or concerns you may have. He text when the crew would arrive and they arrived well within the time frame given. We walked through the game plan once again and then we left them to do what they do best. In a little over 3 hours they were unpacked, tile removed from the hallway, foyer, kitchen and dining room. All the mess was removed and we now look forward to the bamboo floor install. Thank you guys for doing such a great job.” -Lee & Joan Lomas

“They are almost done removing my tile floors as I type this. Owners are great. The crew of 5 that worked here all day were professional and polite. Good guys, hard workers. Highly recommended!” -Karen Tufte Heaning

A Services which Provides the Expertise You Need

Obviously, choosing a company to remove flooring that doesn’t provide for all your needs is not only a waste of time but a waste of valuable resources. So, make sure to go with a company which offers more than just floor removal, but other services as well. Dustbusters Floor Removal offers an entire floor removal process for our clients which include:

Preparations: We know that your home or business is more than just your flooring. So, while we remove your flooring, cabinets, furniture, and other items need to be protected. Before we begin the removal process, our team works diligently to cover and move items which may otherwise be damaged throughout demolition.

Dust-Free System: During demolition, we utilize specific equipment which reduces the amount of dust released into the air of your home or industrial building. Without this equipment, electronics, a.c. units and even your health can become compromised from large amounts of dust released into the air. Furthermore, it saves you from future cleaning after demolition.

Demolition Hauling: The removing of flooring provides lots of trash which need to be hauled to a trash processing facility. Most neighborhood garbage systems won’t pick up large amounts of flooring, so that’s something that you’ll have to factor into your budget. But, with Dustbusters, it’s a service which is included in our floor removal package quotes.

Ready for a Quote?

If you think that Dustbusters is the floor removal company right for your job, give us a call today for a free quote at 866-883-8783! Whether your job is large or small, residential or commercial, we have a floor removal team which can meet your needs immediately!