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The Benefits of Doing Floor Renovations Before Moving Day

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you’ll have your whole life. You have a space to call your own and the freedom to make it whatever you want. Most people make significant changes like re-painting the walls, installing new appliances or even installing new flooring. Floor renovations, in particular, are a time-consuming process.

This is why a lot of people tend to get it done before moving day. In fact, a whopping 53% of new home buyers start at least one home improvement project within three months of buying the house— and it’s usually flooring. Getting floor renovations done before the move has a lot of advantages, like the ones listed below.

No Furniture to Work Around or Move

This is probably the best (and most obvious) advantage to getting floor renovations done before the move. First of all, you can examine your floors more thoroughly without furniture in your way. Secondly, having old or worn flooring removed before the move makes the job much easier for the professional. This way, they won’t have to deal with the extra hassle of clearing up space to work.

No Stressful Navigation

Floor renovations, in particular, are very stressful. It’s not a small portion of the room being worked on— it’s the whole floor from wall to wall. This can be challenging to navigate. Your mobility could be limited if the floor being renovated connects two opposite sides of the house. No one wants to have to navigate around the renovation just to get from the bedroom to the kitchen. By getting any flooring renovations you have planned finished before moving in, you won’t have to worry about finding alternate routes from one room or another or staying out of the contracting team’s way.

No Rush

Renovations that come after the move tend to be rushed. Not physically, of course, but psychologically. If you move into your new home before floor renovations are finished, you can expect to see specialists and contractors for days at a time. The constant run-ins, furniture rotations and tiptoeing around the work will drive both you and your professionals-for-hire crazy. You’ll be itching for them to finish and leave so you can finally have your new place to yourself. That’s no way to go about your first few days in a new home. Instead, have the flooring done before the move to avoid all this. You can spend your time making other preparations while the flooring team can work in peace with nothing (and no one) in their way.

No Leftover Mess

The worst part about floor renovations is how messy they can get. When old flooring is de-installed, the dust that gets released into the air might end up coating surrounding furniture or unpacked boxes. Now, some flooring companies offer to clean up, but usually, they only do it for the floor they’ve just installed. Once the team leaves, you might have a shiny new floor, but your furniture and everything else will probably need a thorough wipe-down. If you get flooring done before moving day, the only cleanup you’ll have to worry about is vacuuming.

No Exposure to Harsh Odors or Substances

The first step of any floor renovation is, of course, removing the old floor. Floor removal is a tedious process, and also very unsafe for non-professionals. Breathing in the dust and other microscopic particles that get released when the floor is removed (mold spores, algae, etc.) can be a major health hazard if you’re exposed to it for too long without any gear to protect you. This is a problem that comes with post-moving floor renovations. When you get the flooring done before you move in, you aren’t exposed to anything that might be hazardous to your health.

Start Your Floor Renovations with Dust Busters

Moving is already stressful enough. You can make it less complicated by at least starting some of your home improvement projects before the moving truck comes. These are just some of the many reasons why getting floor renovations done before the move is a huge relief— for both you and the professionals working on your floor. If you need a hard-working team to take out your old floors to “pave the way” for new ones without leaving dust behind, calls Dust Busters at 866-883-8783.