The Ins and Outs of Removing Thinset Cement

The Ins and Outs of Removing Thinset Cement

Thinset, or more commonly referred to as drybond mortar, dryset mortar, or mud, is an adhesive used in installing tile or stone flooring. Before any new flooring project can commence, thinset cement is the last thing that needs to be removed from a surface. Usually applied to cement or concrete surfaces before flooring installation, thinset cement is what holds flooring into place so that it can be applied to the ground surface for many years to come. Because it’s an adhesive, it is the last layer that needs removal during the removal process and the most challenging to remove.

Why Does Thinset Need to be Installed?

Before the days of thinset cement, tile and stone flooring was laid directly onto wet cement. This process worked, but the end result was tiling that was not as secure or resistant to elements. For more sturdy and longer-lasting tile laying, thinset cement was used and is still the go-to adhesive for tiling and stone flooring today.

Removal of Thinset Cement

Because the floor surface needs to be completely level for new flooring to be installed, thinset cement needs to be removed entirely. For the average Joe, this process by hand can take days. With the right tools and materials, it can be done safely and effectively. Dustbusters removes thinset cement with innovative technologies that not only quickly and precisely remove thinset, but also suck up any debris and dust that the thinset gives off upon demolition. Although you may think that injury caused by manual demolition may be a cause for safety concern when it comes to removing thinset cement, construction dust is the number one safety hazard throughout the process. Construction dust can lead to numerous health issues and remain floating around in the air for weeks if not thoroughly cleaned. Only expert machinery and professionals can make sure that your thinset cement is removed completely, safely, and precisely!

How Dustbusters Can Help with Thinset Cement Removal

If you are considering removing tile or stone, you will need to consider also removing the thinset cement solution that was used to install the flooring. If you are unsure of the process, or just simply do not want to give up the resources, time, and energy, Dustbusters can help! Most of our flooring removal projects can be completed within one day. Whether the job is industrial or residential, we offer a no-dust solution to flooring removal of any kind. Save your hard work for another project and another day, and let us boost the scheduling on your floor renovation by getting the floor removal step off your plate!

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