Looking for dust free floor removal in the Fort Lauderdale area? Dustbusters Floor Removal brings dustless tile and wood floor removal to most all of South Florida, including Ft. Lauderdale! Whether you have a home or business which needs floor removal, projects which are big or small, we can help! With our fast, effective, and professional service, your flooring will be ready for install in no time!

Why Dust-Free Tile and Wood Floor Removal?

Tile and Wood Floor Removal in Ft. Lauderdale | Dustbusters Floor RemovalThere are a number of reasons to choose both professionals and a dust free system when it comes to tile and wood floor removal. First and foremost, when removing flooring, millions of particles of dust are released into the air. And, these dust particles, when breathed, can be damaging to lungs and overall health. Not to mention, it can take days for construction dust to finally settle. When it does, someone has to clean it up. Our innovative dust free tile or wood floor removal process stops dust before it even has a chance to be released into the air. It’s sucked into our system to be disposed of safely and properly. This prevents health issues and makes clean up a thing of the past. And, makes the floor removal process much quicker and easier!

Dust Free Floor Removal Service for all of Fort Lauderdale

Rather than offering clients a number of floor removal services to choose from, we make the process easy. We offer a single floor removal service to meet the needs of any project. This way, there is no confusion and you can know what to expect. First, we’ll come out to your home or business to provide a quote. Then, on the scheduled day of the floor removal, our experts will arrive ready to remove all flooring with our dustless system. This includes all demolition and even trash removal. Usually, we can get entire projects done in just a few hours. Finally, once the flooring is removed, you’ll be ready to install your new flooring immediately!

Why Choose Dustbusters for your Ft. Lauderdale Floor Removal Project?

Tile and Wood Floor Removal in Ft. Lauderdale | Dustbusters Floor RemovalSure, you could go about tearing up your flooring yourself. But, without professional help, you may be undergoing more work than necessary. Some benefits of choosing a professional service like Dustbusters to remove your flooring include:

Safety: When you attempt to remove flooring yourself, there are a number of safety concerns. Firstly, you’ll need to utilize the right tools. If you don’t, you could be putting yourself at further risk for injury. Additionally, removing flooring by-hand releases dust into the environment, which can lead to a number of lung and other health issues.

Efficiency: When we’re done removing flooring, floors are ready to be installed right away. As professionals, we know how to efficiently remove flooring so there are no further issues like subflooring repair. But, all too often, individuals who try to remove flooring themselves do so in a way which injures subflooring, resulting in setbacks in scheduling, repairs, and further costs.

Cost-Savings: When there are no mishaps, your budget stays on track. But, removing flooring yourself can present a number of costly problems that could have been prevented if the professionals were involved. Additionally, our service costs include all that’s needed for floor removal including tools, labor, trash compactor, and even trash removal. Rather than spending your own, hard-earned money on tools and renting a dumpster, all of that’s included in our fees.

Are you a Fort Lauderdale resident or business owner who needs professional and dust free floor removal? Contact us today to find out how to get a free quote!